Tuesday, April 17, 2012


here's the happy couple on their wedding day!!!!  so exciting :)  more to come from them for sure!  just a sneak peak of wedding goodness.  i've been pretty busy lately, which is a blessing since those student loans loom over me like that annoying guy who frequently shows up, sucks up your precious time, wears out his welcome and leaves you feeling drained and wanting your mommy when he finally leaves.  so, horray for being busy (work wise)!

lots of other things are happening in the near future...not so work related...

*john (my brother...in-law...although he's much more like an actual brother than an in-law) is turning 30 in less than a week and we're having a party for him on saturday!
*my cousin josh b. (i call him joshie) is getting married next weekend!
*we're having an art opening at work next saturday!
*my brother is graduating next sunday!
*my brother is going to ireland very soon after graduation (his sister is not the least bit jealous of his international travels, nor does she want to squeeze herself into his suitcase or carry-on for that matter, take a bazillion pictures of a land far away...etc...etc...etc...)
*mother's day is going to be here before i know it and i still haven't pin-pointed the perfect gift
*and lots more things in lots more areas...like hanging out with my niece and nephews, enjoying paleo dinners with jacques, exercising (yoga tomorrow to de-stress a bit!) crafting, etc...

thanks for reading...it's time for me to hit the hay (or spring-ed mattress).

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